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Realizations – Industry
Long existence on the market, cooperation with regular customers and taking up new challenges is a proof of the highest quality of our work.

Granulated Fertilizer Plant based on ammonium nitrate within the project 971

  • earthworks (excavations, embankments, micron leveling)
  • execution of foundations and reinforced concrete structures for construction objects
  • road works (access roads, squares and sidewalks)

Design and installation of thermal insulation for ESP 1 and ESP 2 electrostatic precipitators and flue gas ducts for the new power unit No. 11.

Design and installation of thermal insulation of the cold air channel HLA 11 and HLA 12 outside the boiler room for the new power unit No. 11

Delivery and installation of new insulation for the needs of boiler modernization of units No. 4 and 5

Assembly of equipment and piping in production buildings B-172 and B-172B for Polyamide Plant II

Modernization of parking spaces with access roads at gate No. 2

Modernization of C-96 pumping station sheathing at the Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant

Renovation of the cooling tower D-119

Modernization of squares and internal roads at the Faculty of Carburizing and Scaling

Expansion and adaptation of the H-86 ammonium sulphate warehouse – construction of a hall casing along with window and door joinery and road works