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Realizations – Construction
Long existence on the market, cooperation with regular customers and taking up new challenges is a proof of the highest quality of our work.

Comprehensive modernization and reconstruction of Didactic Building No. 2 (Aviation Department) in the scope of construction works, installation of sanitary, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical installations

Higher Officer’s School of Air Force – adapting building no. 42 (cinema) to current fire protection requirements

Reconstruction and complex modernization, road works, footpaths, fountain, small architecture, garden pavilion, lighting and greenery development

District Police Headquarters in Puławy – renovation of a complex of buildings and infrastructure

Żyrzyn Commune – construction of a junior high school and kindergarten with a sports complex

Primary School No. 30 in Lublin – modernization of an indoor swimming pool

Primary School No. 28 in Lublin – renovation of a swimming pool basin with facilities

Lublin Wholesale Market ELIZÓWKA – extension of the flower hall

Construction of a multi-family residential and commercial building at 5 Kaniowczyków Street in Puławy

Construction of a residential and commercial building at the intersection of Słowackiego and Kochanowskiego Streets in Puławy